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The Phoenix Café has now been open for over 2 years and is run by the café manager and students from Key stage 4 and 5. It is based near the outreach area and only accessible for staff, visitors and students. Group bookings are made in advanced for birthday parties or events/meetings. Students from all key stages have contributed in designing tiles for the café which has permanently become a featured wall and part of the interior.


We have students working in the Cafe during  breakfast / lunch / party / event shift. Once they arrive for their shift they have a set of tasks for them to follow and complete depending on their levels and targets to achieve. 


Students follow visuals to complete each task such as:

·         Wearing apron, hat and gloves

·         Washing hands and following the hygiene chart

·         Following a recipe either baking or cooking 

·         Step by step guide in prepping paninis or wraps​ and heating on grill

·         Making a coffee or hot chocolate

·         Taking orders and serving customers

·         Using the till and banking the money

·         Cleaning tables  & sweeping/steaming/hoovering floors

·         Stock checking

Each term we have a new menu and rota so students can have a chance to alternate shifts as they all differ from each other. The purpose of the Café is to equip young people with autism to reach their full potential and work confidently, effectively and independently as possible in preparation for adulthood. We do this through a focus on functional skills and social development. These areas provide access to greater knowledge and understanding of the local community, healthy living, independent living and meaningful employment which enables students to gain a greater degree of independence.




                                                Lucia - Cafe Manager

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