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Key Stage 4 (14-16)


The aim of the curriculum in Key Stage 4 is to help students build on their learning from Key Stage 3 and further develop academically, personally and socially, in preparation for Key Stage 5 and adult life. 

We do this through a broad curriculum which provides a rich programme within school and the local community. It aims to develop our students’ social, work, and community-based skills.  The curriculum also provides a medium for students to generalise their skills from the classroom into the work place and community.  The goal is for them to become active and as independent as possible within their local community and home life; while becoming responsible citizens.

Programme of study

In Key Stage 4 students follow an adapted programme of study which meets the requirement of the National Curriculum (NC). The NC identifies a mix of compulsory core and foundation subjects and additional optional subjects.


The table below shows how students in Key Stage 4 can gain accreditation for their course work through controlled assessment and external moderation.  


Students Working level

Accreditation & Level

14 - 16

National Curriculum Level 1 and below

Entry level 1 - ASDAN Personal Progress Award, Certificate

14 - 16

National Curriculum Level 2 and above

Entry level 2, 3 and Level 1 - WJEC Entry Pathways 



National Curriculum Level and below

Arts Award and Duke of Edinburgh Award 

Programmes of study and accreditation for students aged 14 – 16 working at Entry 2, 3 and NC Level 1 - WJEC Entry Pathways

The WJEC suite of Entry Level Certificates and Awards are provided within the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), which is designed to provide learners with an inclusive and flexible regulated qualifications framework that recognises the widest possible range of quality-assured learner achievements.

Programme of study and accreditation for students aged 14 - 16 working at Entry level 1 or below - ASDAN Personal Progress

This Entry Level 1 Qualification is made up of units which can be broadly divided into the following areas: Community Studies, English, Mathematics, Computing, Science, Horticulture and Learning Pathways.   Units are given a credit value which means a unit involves a notional number of learning hours.  Students work towards the following qualifications in Key Stage 4:

•             Awards (1-12 credits)

•             Certificates (13 – 36 credits)

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