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Phoenix Satellite at Bow


The Phoenix Satellite at Bow School currently has two classes made up of pupils between the ages of 13 and 18. Many of the students have come from Phoenix while others have come into the Satellite from mainstream primary schools in the local area.

Students are identified for the Satellite program based on their ability to learn, communicate and socialise within a mainstream environment. The aim of the Satellite program is to create an opportunity for students to be constantly exposed and immersed in the day to day interactions of their peers, and that their social understanding and awareness will develop more naturally as a result.

Each class follows the Phoenix School curriculum and has a focus on extending and challenging pupils to achieve further, given the environment that they are working in. Students are able to be more focused in a calm learning environment, and take pride in doing well in their lessons.


KS3 Satellite lessons cover English, Maths, Computing, Humanities, PSHE, and RE, and students are also still involved in Phoenix specialist lessons including Music, Art, Drama, Technology and Horticulture. Life skills are also important and weekly visits within the local community take place.

KS5 Satellite lessons cover Functional English, Maths and Computing, Hospitality and Catering and Personal and Social Development. Students attend a range of offsite links including Tower Project JET Service, Barnardo’s Construction Hub and Tower Hamlets College, in order to fulfil Work Related Learning, Enterprise and Life Skills requirements. In the final year of Sixth Form, students take part in a Supported Internship program (JET Service), and complete 3 days of work experience each week.

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