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ICT at Phoenix

Our aim is to enable pupils to be confident and effective users of ICT and to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities for our pupils through all subjects. We aim to use ICT to develop communication and interaction skills and give pupils, with a range of needs (including ASD and communication difficulties), greater access to the curriculum.

We strive to achieve this aim by ensuring all pupils can effectively access the curriculum through the use of ICT by meeting the requirements of the whole curriculum, including the adapted National Curriculum as fully as possible. Pupils will develop the necessary skills to exploit ICT resources and tools, helping them to become autonomous users of ICT. Staff training will be provided to develop staff skills to enable them to enhance and extend their teaching and pupil's learning.

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We look to further our develpoment by incorpourtaing ICT into all of our learning throughout Phoenix. Our hardware and peripherals aim is to have appropriate ICT hardware available in every class. We aim to develop and acquire a wide range of ICT resources that can be accessed across the whole school. An annual audit of ICT equipment is carried out by the ICTCO so that refurbishment and provision for new technologies can be included in development planning. 

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