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The primary objective of this proposal is to provide much needed specialist provision for children with severe language and communication difficulties whose needs lie within the autistic spectrum. This proposal will also help to achieve:

  • Improvements in educational standards: The proposals will enable the School to expand its existing offer of a rich and stimulating curriculum, which is individually tailored, reflecting good practice in an environment that supports the pupils’ learning. The school will have more capacity to offer a range of sensory and therapeutic interventions along with a multidisciplinary approach to pupil needs. The school will also be able to further develop its partnerships with other agencies, parents and families to ensure that children needs are met.
  • Increased parental choice: Phoenix is a popular, ‘Outstanding’[1] school that is currently at capacity and at times has to operate a waiting list for places. The proposal to provide additional capacity at Phoenix will therefore mean a greater number of parents are able to secure a place for their child.
  • Greater community impact: The proposal will enable the school to further develop its partnerships with business, industry and the local community to raise the profile of Communication and Interaction needs.



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