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For further info, please get in contact with a member of the team

Matt Snow: Tutor and Programme Coordinator

Tel: 07368 100 118

Email:  m.snow@qmul.ac.uk

Matt’s role is to oversee the smooth running of this programme at QMUL. He works closely with Arthur and Chi to ensure interns are having the best possible experience on the programme. He is also responsible for delivering an Employability Qualification to the interns, when they are not in their rotations.

Mubidi Munye: Job Coach

Tel: 07852 299 134

Email: m.munye@qmul.ac.uk

Mubidi is responsible for liaising with departments and helping the interns learn their job roles within the department. He checks in with interns and the department on a daily basis and will assist with any learning that is necessary within the rotation. Should a department have any problems, Mubidi would be the first point of contact.

Cigdem (Chi) Yilmaz: Follow on Job Coach

Tel: 07494 764 187

Email: c.yilmaz@qmul.ac.uk

Like Mubidi, Chi will support with the job coaching on campus. As well as this, towards the second half of the year, her focus turns to securing employment for the interns. She will be assisting interns with job applications and making contact with potential employers. Chi maintains contact with the interns for a further 6 months following the programme completion to see that interns and employers are settled in their new role.

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