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Gardening/Forest Schools for early years KS1&2
We offer a varied and seasonal timetable for Gardening/Forest Schools, this includes; Imaginative play using natural resources from the garden.
Learning how to use different tools and sharing with classmates.
Learning where food comes from, by first planting the seed, maintaining the plant, harvesting, cooking and eating.
Planting bulbs and other small plants and maintaining them throughout the year.
Learning about wildlife and looking after animals.
Being creative in nature.
Using clay to make leaves, pots, masks, animals or plates.
When it is cold building a fire in our lodge to keep warm, as well as cooking bread, drinking hot chocolate, roasting homegrown potatoes or roasting marshmallows.


Secondary Horticulture
This term 9 key stage 4 students chose to take horticulture as their options pathway. 7 students from Phoenix upper and 2 from Bow satellite have started Welsh Board Introduction to Land Maintenance level 2 or 3. Over the year they will learn to be safe, to find use and remember tools to keep our grounds beautiful and make them better by learning, choosing and planting new plants at Phoenix. All will learn to prune, weed, plant, and others learn about PH testing NPK and the plants that grow in different soils.


Art at Phoenix gives students the opportunity to explore and develop visually through a range of media including painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. It encourages self-expression, improves self esteem and develops communication skills giving students a valuable way to express themselves,

Artwork is shared with the wider school community through an annual art exhibition and all whole school celebrations whilst work with outside agencies enhances student learning.


The pupils have settled back in to PE well this school year. The main focus this half term is to re-introduce sensory circuits to the KS 1 and 2 pupils which consist of various balance beams, stepping stones, tunnels, trampoline and climbing and jumping stations.

In addition, I have started baselining the youngsters in relation to their locomotor and object control skills in order to assess their skills and to provide targets for the upcoming terms.

It is nice to see so many new faces at Phoenix, all ready to give their best effort and try their hardest in the PE environment.

I am looking forward to a fun and successful school year!


Troy Gering

PE Teacher


Pathways - Design and Technology.

Pupils following the Design and Technology course will be working towards gaining Welsh board accreditation in Food preparation , cooking and serving.

They will be creating a wide range of dishes, ensuring that they expand on their knowledge of ingredients and processes.

They will be making the following dishes:

Bread and pizza, Pasta bolognese, Chilli, shepherds pie, lasagne, hot pot, (low sugar snacks ) brownies, cookies, chocolate crunch, cupcakes, Victoria sponge, veg korma, sweet and sour veg, samosas, keylime pie, pasta bake, ratatouille, profiteroles, tarte tatin, cobbler, raspberry and cinnamon torte, tuna and red pepper plait, summer fruit gateau, stuffed tomatoes, pasta salad, summer flan, vegetable and feta parcels, lemon meringue pie, fruit fool.

The PowerPoints for the first 5 lessons can be found on the Phoenix school website.

KS3,4,5 Design and technology.

Pupils in Design and Technology will explore a wide range of tools, materials and processes in Resistant materials, Textiles, Graphics and Computer Aided Design.

They will engage in projects such as building skylines, making model cars, printing, making wooden games, Room planning and enterprise activities.

KS3,4,5 Food technology.

Pupils in Food Technology will develop their knowledge of ingredients and processes. They will follow visual recipes to create dishes such as vegetable chow mein, jambalaya, pasta primavera, sausage casserole, chickpea pilau, irish stew, Spanish rice, vegetable chilli, pasta in tomato sauce, vegetable stir fry, vegetable and bean soup, ratatouille, thai curry, mini pizzas, fruit crumble, sweet muffins, savoury muffins, flapjacks, dutch apple cakes.

All visual recipes can be found on the Phoenix School website under home resources-  cooking ideas.




In drama this term we have focused on a ‘Healthy body and healthy mind for a happy life’. We have been re-energising our bodies through lots of fun gross motor play. This includes games using balloons and pool noodles, as well as lots of dancing and action games. We have practiced good wellbeing through relaxation time and messy play. Of course understanding our emotions is a big part of a happy life, so we have been practicing facial expressions and sounds related to feelings. It has been fantastic having students back in school and we are already making good progress building positive fun relationships again.


Bow Satellite

This term we have been focusing on having fun with friends and being positive. We have practiced social skills by thinking about developing conversations. We have thought about what makes us happy and engaged with the world, therefore practicing sharing opinions. We have played games that have helped us reconnect with our friends and had many opportunities to be silly. We are working towards a ‘Talent Show’ that is a mixture of acting using a script, dancing, magic tricks and even some Shakespeare. This will help our memory skills and creative confidence.



In music so far we have been learning new songs to help us with washing our hands and have had fun playing with foam and bubbles! We have also been listening to, and playing new instruments from our special musical box!



Students at Phoenix love hands on learning in Science. Students are encouraged to actively explore and engage with the sensory resources available to them through different topics of the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to develop their scientific skills through making predictions, conducting experiments, recording results and drawing conclusions. We seek to embed functional skills into the Science curriculum in order to make learning meaningful and engaging for pupils.


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