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Autism awareness week 2017

Autism awareness week is on the 2nd April each year. In Tower Hamlets we have celebrated Autism Awareness Week every year for the past five years, running a broad programme of community events and activities. This year, for the second time, we ran a competition for schools in Tower Hamlets.

The competition focussed on raising awareness of autism within the school community and schools organised a whole range of activities like cake sales, assemblies and art work. As with last year’s entries, we were absolutely delighted with the quality and the extent of the activities that schools undertook.

It was very difficult to judge, but finally we decided on the winners as follows:

1st Prize: Globe Primary School - £100 {See videos above and to the right}

Joint 2nd Prize: John Scurr Primary School and Ben Jonson Primary School - £ 50 each

3rd Prize: Morpeth Secondary School

Thanks so much to the hard work of school staff and pupils at all of the schools that took part. 


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