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Autism awareness week is on the week before the Easter Holidays. In Tower Hamlets we have celebrated Autism Awareness Week every year for the past five years, running a broad programme of community events and activities. This year, for the fourth time, we ran a competition for schools in Tower Hamlets.

The competition focuses on raising awareness for autism within the school community and schools organise a whole range of activities like cake sales, assemblies and art work. 

All schools in tower hamlets have done really well, however the folowing schools stood out the most:

1st Prize:

Hermitage Primary School

2nd Prizes:

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch

George Green Secondary School

3rd Prizes:

Ben Jonson Primary School

Blue Gate Field Infant

St Pauls Way Foundation

Kobi Nazrul Primary School


Autism Awareness Week 2019 at Phoenix School





We were pleased to have Jamie and Lion present a great talk.

The day was split in 3 sessions Parents, Secondary school students and professionals. Jamie was able to delivery and alter the talk depending on the audience.

We have received positive feedback from those who attended.

If you would like to know more about Jamie and lion, please visit his website


Jamie and Lion

Autism awareness week 2018

Competition WINNERS 2018

This year we were generous enough to give all the schools who entered prizes...

1st Prize: Ben Jonson Primary School

1st Prize: George Green Secondary School


2nd Prizes

Kobi Nazrul



3rd Prizes

Bow School

Green Spring



St Edmund’s

Thomas Buxton

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