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Key Stage 2

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Key Stage 2 pupils at Phoenix follow a modified National Curriculum where English, Maths, Science and other foundation subjects are taught discreetly in class groups. All subjects are taught thematically and cross curricularly. Some pupils in KS2 are taught Art by the subject specialist.  Music, PE, and Drama are also delivered as discreet lessons and taught by specialists. Language and Communication are incorporated into every lesson so pupils are given the opportunity to communicate verbally or using PECS, signing and visual supports with adults and each other. Phonics teaching is delivered in  discreet sessions where appropriate as well as being delivered through group teaching sessions as outlined in class termly plans.  Teacher’s planning is individually differentiated ensuring that pupils are taught in a personalised, practical, and multi-sensory way.

Across the primary department visits to the local environment, shops and museums are encouraged to support curriculum areas.  Key Stage 2 pupils have the opportunity to go swimming within the year as well as weekly yoga and horticulture sessions.

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