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2016 -19

Phoenix School has been successful in gaining Reaccreditation of the International School Award and is accredited for three years from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2019.

Here is the assessor’s comments on the Impact Evaluation, to highlight where Phoenix was particularly impressive. 

This application displays a good range of relevant activities appropriate to the needs and abilities of pupils at the Phoenix School and so it meets the required standard for International School Award Reaccreditation. The assessor was impressed by the overall ethos as recognized by the Rights Respecting approval, recognition of the SMSC quality by Ofsted and the diversity of the content. He noted the basic structural and evaluative point that there is “a firm programme of international links throughout the school calendar with set areas of focus and a short term projects with a majority of the school involved at all times to ensure a unified approach, a positive environment and the sharing of ideas”. From the activities described, this iscertainly happening. Notable examples are the work with different communities e.g. focus on Somali and Bangladeshi language, the Erasmus+ Arts projects with Motylek and the ambassadorial role with the neighbouring schools.

Congratulations to all those in the school and wider community who contributed to this successful application! 

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