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This is not an exhaustive list and all members of the school community are reminded that technology use should be consistent with the school’s ethos, other appropriate polices and the law.

Protocols for online teaching from home

Parents should be aware of:

● The importance of remaining in control of electronic devices at home and remaining in earshot when children are accessing learning online.

● What their children are being asked to do online during this period of remote learning.

● Installing appropriate filters on home devices.  

● How to report concerns to the school.

● Where to seek support to help them to keep their children safe online. The following websites offer support to parents and carers regarding e-safety:

Protocols for online teaching from home

Staff must:

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Check what is visible on-screen to the pupil, so that nothing inappropriately personal is visible (e.g. personal item, painting, poster)
  • Make sure that there is never a possibility of strangers having access to the screen
  • Set appropriate boundaries and behavioural expectations, and maintain the same professional standards as at school.
  • Correspond professionally in tone and content.
  • Continue to look out for signs a child may be at risk.  Any such concerns should be reported using My Concern and to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • School staff should only contact parents during normal school hours, or at times agreed by the school leadership team

When interacting with parents regarding home learning staff should:

● Contact parents only through school email accounts, dojo or Microsoft teams. If a phone call is made from a personal mobile phone staff should withhold their number.  Other methods of contact such as private email or social media accounts should not be used under any circumstances.

 ● Never conduct lessons from a bedroom or a personal space.

● Conduct lessons in a quiet space, preferably against a neutral background, ensuring that friends and family are never visible during a lesson.

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