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Our Mission is to offer a positive, life enhancing education, providing opportunities for the development of each individual’s potential.

We achieve this through the effective multidisciplinary team, working in partnership with parents and carers.



The aims of horticulture at our school are so that all children:

  • Have opportunities to experience in a sensory way the variety that exists within a garden at all times of the year, as with season, weather, plants, soils, fragrance, touch, colour, sound, and taste.
  • To learn through practical lessons how to grow plants, fruit and vegetables and challenge the dislocation of the urban environment with understanding of how crops grow.
  • Learn the benefits of gardening through physical work and routines which are defined by season, not by curriculum.
  • To develop horticultural vocabulary as with plant part and tool identification.
  • To understand basic horticultural science (how and why  plants live and die or survive and thrive) and terms, (germination, photosynthesis, WALNUTS(water, air, light..
  • To work in a safe and secure environment where eco-friendly and web friendly  practice leads to independent working underpinned by knowledge evidence of why they are performing a task.

Learn to use, maintain and store personal protective equipment correctly.

  • Learn to use maintain and store a wide variety of tools across whole school.
  • Can taste the fruits of their labours by growing, maintaining and then harvesting fruit and vegetables grown organically  for use in food technology..
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