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Have a look at our latest BBC School Report featuring pupils and staff from Phoenix School.


KS4 and KS5 visit to BBC Broadcasting House – Tuesday 16 July

As part of our work to prepare for next year’s BBC School Report and to improve communication and interaction, 12 pupils from Key Stage 4 and 5 were lucky enough to be guests of BBC Radio 4 producer Sue Mitchell. We were given a tour of BBC Broadcasting House including Radio 1 and Radio 4 studios. We saw the mid-day news being filmed and were interviewed ourselves about water for a “Vox Pop “piece on “You and Yours” - a consumer programme on Radio 4.

Our pupils were given the fantastic opportunity to interview BBC producers, directors, studio managers and presenters about their jobs. This proved to be invaluable research for our Silver Arts Award and taught us about career pathways in broadcasting.

We were given a tour of the Broadcasting House Drama Studio and learnt how the BBC studio-staff create sound effects for radio plays and we even made a programme about ourselves in a Radio 4 studio.

Pupils learnt about how a studio is run, how to operate studio equipment and how a radio programme is put together. They were given Top-Tips on how to interview and how to create a picture with sound.

This was an invaluable learning experience for our pupils which will be reflected in their next BBC School Report in March 2014.




Phoenix School is featured in the BBC School Report. Click here to view the article.

Watch the BBC School Report video made by pupils at Phoenix School.


Have a read of the article on the BBC website that pupils from Phoenix were involved with. Click here to view to the article.

Coming Soon...Phoenix pupils make a film for BBC School Report....
For the last 3 years pupils from Phoenix have been participating in the BBC School Report. Our entries have included a documentary about autism and a report about our work at the Great British Garden at the Olympic Stadium during the Paralympics.
This year, inspired by the Paralympics, our pupils have been making a report about The Phoenix Arts Festival. Their aim is to raise the profile of young people with autism and, in preparation for autism awareness week, celebrate the creativity and talents of pupils at our school.
Our film includes interviews with Paralympian Shaun McKeown, CBBC's Mr Maker and the dub group Gentleman's Dub Club.


Have a look at the gallery of photos showing pupils from Phoenix watching their very own BBC School Report:


Look out for our report on this page and the BBC School Report Website from School Report News Day on Thursday 21st March.


Six months after our pupils worked at the Great British Garden in the Olympic Stadium during the Paralympics, BBC School Report gave them a special assignment. They were asked to give their views on the London 2012 Paralympics and the legacy of the games. This is what they said:

“The Paralympics were inspiring” Khadizha

“Ellie Simmons makes me really happy. It’s so good to see that a disabled person can win a gold medal” Danny

“Watching people with disabilities win medals shows us that you can follow your dreams” Jamie

“The Paralympics inspired us to have our own Arts festival to show the skills and talents of people with autism” Danny

“It’s good to see people with disabilities competing. Before I watched the Paralympics I thought that some sports might be too dangerous for them but they weren’t. The Paralympics showed the world that disabled people have courage to step up and try things” Danny

“It is inspiring for people with autism to see other people with disabilities doing well and achieving” Kieran

‘In a little way the Paralympics has changed our attitudes to life. We [young people with autism] are more confident and less angry [about how other people see us]” Anthony 

“We come from East London so it was good to have the Paralympics in our community” Jamie

“The Paralympics really affected our school. More of us play sport now. It has also improved our confidence” Khadizha

“The Paralympics was like a voice for people with autism. It was like our mascot to show that people with disabilities can join in the community in our own different ways” Kieran

“The Paralympics showed us that we can do anything in our own way. For instance, I would have thought that playing football if you were blind would be impossible but he Paralympics proved it wasn’t” Anthony

“It was so good to hear people cheering for people with disabilities” Kieran